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The Fame Glass products has been tested for its colorfastness and durability in a multitude of commercial and residential building applications and result are impressive.

In light of such positive results, we offer a 10-year guarantee of the Fame Glass coating which covers fading, peeling, cracking or bubbling.

The products offered by Fame Glass for glass applications include:

• Glass Tread Staircases
• Bolted Glass Facades
• Canopies
• Balustrades
• Flooring
• Signs
• Shopfronts
• Roof Structures
• Custom Shower Enclosures
• Doors and Windows
• Gates or Fences
• Internal Glass Partitions

Please contact us if you require any service is not listed here and we would be more than happy to try and accommodate your needs.


Glass types and colours

We have many different types of glass available and there are different options appearing everyday as new technology develops. Some basic glass definitions on the types of glass available are:

Laminated Glass - This is made by sticking multiple layers of glass together using a plastic interlayer. The commonest is a Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVB). When the glass breaks this interlayer holds the panel together, this makes laminated glass a very popular safety glass type.

Laminated glass is the only glass to provide durability, high performance and multi-functional benefits while at the same time perserving the aesthetic appearance of the glass.

Tempered Glass - Temperlite Tempered Glass is created by heating ordinary flat glass to cover 700°C and then "quenching" it with a highly controlled blast of cool air. This rapid cooling creates copressive stress in the glass surface. The process makes tempered glass three to five times stronger than regular flat glass.

Please click here to see a selection of the colour glass currently available.

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